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The Difference Between Straight, Wavy, and Curly Hair

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These are the main differences between the various hair textures

Straight hair

This hair appears in its actual length because it has no coiled or folded parts to keep it from hanging straight. So 18 inches of straight hair will fall to the level of your armpit, as opposed to the same 18 inches of wavy or curly hair.

Wavy hair

This hair appears a little shorter than its real length because of the waves. Therefore, wavy hair that’s 18 inches long will fall to above the armpit level – somewhere between the shoulder and the armpit.

Curly hair

Because of the coils throughout curly hair, it will appear even shorter than wavy hair, and the curlier the hair, the shorter it will be. If you have 18 inches of curly hair, it will fall on your shoulder.  



Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding hair length

How Can You Choose the Most Suitable Hair Length?

Different haircuts suit different people, depending on the following:

  • Hair texture: Not all hairstyles suit every hair texture. For example, a beautiful feathered haircut looks great on slightly wavy hair and not on curly hair. To play it safe and avoid disappointment, seek professional advice, or wear a wig before you cut your hair.
  • Facial shape: Your face shape and structure plays a significant part in your overall look. Some hairstyles on a round face look great, while others look more flattering on heart-shaped faces. If you are a woman with an oval face, you can get an easier time choosing haircut because most hair lengths and textures will look good on you.